3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver

3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver 1.0

Bunnies slowly invade your screen


  • Bunny hops


  • Can use up a lot of RAM

Very good
Easter is right around the corner and what better way to prepare for it than by installing this screensaver?

Once set up, the screensaver will show bunnies of different sizes and colors hopping around your screen, and leaving prints in the process. The more you leave it on, the more bunnies you'll start to see appear on your screen until they completely invade it. The screen will also start rotating in a 3D fashion after the screensaver has been running for a little while.

I have to say I quite like this screensaver. It's both funny and original and lets you celebrate Easter without feeling too ridiculous. On the downside, you'll have to make sure you have a good graphics card to enjoy the 3D effects and enough of RAM to run it without slowing down your Mac.

3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver will make bunnies invade your Mac's screen just in time for Easter.

I wanted to do a new one for Easter, but last time I did Easter people weren't that interested. It's not as world wide as you'd think boys n girls, and even when it's celebrated it doesn't always include bunnies. However, I thought bunnies would make a fun screensaver. So I decided instead of dropping the bunnies, I'd drop the easter theme. I'm not making much sense am I? Well, what I decided was I'd do bunnies without any reference to Easter. This means if you're a bunny fan you can enjoy it all year round without stuffing your face with chocolate eggs, and if you're an Easter fan you can enjoy bunnies hopping around to remind you of the chocolate egg face stuffing you'll have to endure in the near future. Make sense? Nope, well... it's a fun screensaver anyway!

You start off with just a few bunnies, but when they get close to one another a new baby bunny will appear! Awww how cute, I hear you think in a sickening tone. Well... yes! It's cute! The little ones slowly grow and then breed themselves. They breed like rabbits, people! So your desktop will soon be overrun! Yay!

As always, if you stop any bugs, let me know!

3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver


3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver 1.0

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